Mission Statement

The ADM Booster Club provides support for all athletics, including dance and cheerleading activities and patron memberships. Contributions are vital for the Booster Club to make sure that our student athletes have the equipment and facilities they need to compete so that our ADM school spirit and tradition is second to none! Memberships and contributions are vital for the Booster Club to continue with this service.

The ADM Athletic Booster Club mission is to assist our coaches and administrators to create an environment that inspires student/athletes, parents and the community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for all athletic programs.

The BC strives to build strong moral character and academic excellence among the student athletes while seeking to raise funds for the middle & high school athletics as we strengthen the status of the overall programs and support the financial needs of our student/athletes.



Kelly Shull

Vice President

Gretchen Rickert


Matt Siefken


Carl Duffy

Sport Reps

  • Football
    1. Adam Doll
    2. Ann Heitz
  • Volleyball
    1. Michelle Siefken
    2. Michelle Coghlan
  • Basketball

    Boys Basketball

    1. Kelly Shull
    2. Jeremy Brancheau

    Girls Basketball

    1. Jill Montag
    2. Scott Straka
  • Wrestling
    1. Mike Sutter
    2. Ryan Steinfeldt
  • Cheerleading
    1. Brittney Roorda
    2. Danielle Akey
  • Dance
    1. Alicia Karwal
    2. Sara McIntyre
  • Cross Country

    Boys Cross Country

    1. Jennifer Poe

    Girls Cross Country

    1. Amy Piepmeier
    2. Laci Williams
  • Track

    Boys Track

    1. Melisha Rynearson

    Girls Track

    1. Anne Crannell
    2. Sarah Seehase
  • Golf

    Boys Golf

    1. Melissa Korell
    2. Misty Lovejoy

    Girls Golf

    1. Amanda Gardiner
    2. Cristin Kreifels
  • Soccer

    Boys Soccer

    1. Mike Richardson
    2. Amy Orban

    Girls Soccer

    1. Jessie James
    2. Amy Asche
  • Softball
    1. Jory Smith
    2. Pam James
  • Baseball
    1. Ben Madison
    2. Matt Siefken
  • Strength & Conditioning
    1. Jim & Erin Morse
  • Esports
    1. Nathan Banse
    2. Liam McHugh


1. Membership Committees – Individuals
Purpose: Organize and conduct the annual Booster Club Individual Membership Drive.
Time Frame: August through September
Primary Responsibilities:

  • Set date for drive
  • Obtain updated maps from the three cities
  • Purchase food for the student/athlete dinner
  • Contact coaches to help serve the food
  • Organize athletes into teams
  • Collect money and applications from the teams
  • Follow up activities for individuals missed on the drive

2. Membership Committee – Businesses
Purpose: Organize and carry out the annual Booster Club Business Membership Drive
Time Frame: August through September
Primary Responsibilities:

  • Obtain list of businesses
  • Send letter or make call to businesses asking for support
  • Follow up visits with businesses
  • Distribute plaques/decals to businesses

3. Promotions Committee
Purpose: develop activities to increase attendance and promote enthusiasm at ADM games/meets/matches.
Timeframe: August through July
Primary Responsibilities:

  • Publicize ADM home events
  • Develop activities for each home contest
  • Coordinate Service Clubs speaking engagements
  • Develop game program

4. Apparel Committee
Purpose: Help promote ADM athletics through the selling of clothing and items.
Timeframe: August through February


  • Article I - Name

    The name of this corporation shall be the Adel DeSoto Minburn Athletic Booster Club, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the "Club".

  • Article II - Commencement

    The By-Laws of the Club shall be in effect with the ratification of these By-Laws by a majority vote of the members present at the time and place of the membership meeting called for such purpose.

  • Article III - Purposes and Powers

    The Primary purpose of the Club, as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, is to promote and foster Adel DeSoto Minburn Community School District (hereinafter referred to as "District") sports competition by encouraging, improving, and promoting the sports of the District. It is not the purpose of the Club, and it shall have no power or authority to interfere in any manner, directly of indirectly, with the administration of the District, or its coaches or teachers and their policies or practices, and all acts and doings of the Club shall be in strict conformity with the roles and regulations of all governing bodies of such activities.

  • Article IV - Membership and Dues

    The classes of membership, and related cost, shall remain the same as the preceding year unless is voted upon as stated in ARTICLE XII of these By-Laws.

  • Article V - Voting Privileges

    All classes of membership shall be entitled to notice of any meetings and may attend the meetings of the Club. Active members of the Club shall be entitled to vote for the election of officers at the annual meeting.

  • Article VI - Meetings
    1. Annual Meetings The annual meeting of the Club shall be held during the month of May each year at a time and place designated by the President in or as close to Adel DeSoto Minburn High School as possible.
      1. Quorum. The active members attending the meeting shall constitute a quorum at the meeting. However, only the Board of Directors may vote to approve expenditures of the Club as outlined in point 4 of Article VIII (Management)
      2. Agenda. In addition to any special items to be considered at the meeting, notice of which had been sent to members, the following shall be a part of the meeting agenda:
        • Minutes of the previous annual meeting
        • Treasurer's report
        • Reports of other officers
        • Reports of committees
        • Election of officers for the ensuing year
    2. Special Meetings Special meetings of the members may be called by the President upon notification. Notification shall be given ten days in advance of such meeting, and shall state the time and place and the purpose thereof.
    3. Monthly Meetings. Monthly meeting of the Club shall be held throughout the calendar year.
    4. General issues relating to meeting.
      1. Fellowship or social meetings may be held at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
      2. Notice of all meetings of the membership shall be published in the local newspaper and on the school calendar when possible.
      3. A majority vote shall be sufficient to carry any item upon which the Board Votes, unless stated otherwise in this By-Law.
      4. Robert's Rules of Order will govern.
  • Article VII - Officers

    The officers of the Club shall be President, Immediate Past President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and Treasurer. The position of President shall be the only officer's position which filled as a promotion instead of from a membership vote. The President's position will be filled by the person who held the office of Vice President of the Booster Club from the previous school year.

    Said officers shall be elected each year by the active membership, including the Board, at the annual meeting. Each officer shall serve for a term of one year or until his/her successor is elected.

    A nominating committee shall be appointed by the President and shall consist of three members made up as follows:

    • One member from the Executive Committee
    • Two members from the Active/Board membership

    Other nominations for officers may be made from the floor at the meeting. Officers Elected will assume their responsibilities after the annual meeting.

    1. President. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees (except the Executive Committee of which he/she is chairperson).
    2. Immediate Past President. The Immediate Past President shall serve in an advisory capacity as called upon by the President.
    3. Vice President(s). The Vice President(s) shall perform such duties as shall be assigned by the President, and shall act in the absence of the President.
    4. Secretary. The Secretary shall make proper arrangements for keeping the records, for conducting all official correspondence, and issuing official notices of all meetings of the Club.
    5. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse funds, have charge and custody of all funds and other valuables of the Club, furnish a statement of the financial condition at meetings or whenever requested by the Club, and in general perform all duties pertaining to such office.
  • Article VIII - Management

    Board of Directors shall manage and supervise the affairs of the Club. Their duties shall be to:

    1. Prepare an annual budget
    2. Establish and execute rules of operation the Board may from time to time deem necessary
    3. Approve expenditures of the Club (one sport one vote)
    4. Call regular and special meetings of the Club
    5. Amend the By-Laws of the Club

    Representation to the Board:

      1. The Officers
      2. The Adel DeSoto Minburn School District Activities Director (as a Non-Voting Member)
      3. A Representative and an Alternate of the followings sports/activities (one sport one vote)
        1. Football
        2. Girls' Basketball
        3. Boys' Basketball
        4. Wrestling
        5. Girls' Track
        6. Boys' Track
        7. Girls' Golf
        8. Boys' Golf
        9. Volleyball
        10. Softball
        11. Baseball
        12. Cheerleading
        13. Dance
        14. Girls' Cross Country
        15. Boys' Cross Country
        16. Boys' Soccer
        17. Girls' Soccer
        18. Strength & Conditioning

    These representatives for the following school year shall be nominated by the coach(es) or by the board representing the respective sports or activity and shall be approved by the Board at the annual meeting. Duties of Representatives are to represent a particular sport/activity by:

      • Coming to each monthly meeting or send the alternate in their place
      • Assisting the coach by bringing his/her concerns, comments, and questions to the Club
      • Lining up workers for the concession stand, as needed and by helping to handle other operational needs
      • Assisting the coach by helping to address issues unique to that particular sport
      • Meeting with the coach prior to the annual meeting to identify a sport representative and alternate for the next school year


    Term of office – The term of office shall be one year, annual meeting to annual meeting or until a successor is named by the Board.

    Executive Committee – Between meetings of the Board, the Duties of the Board shall be discharged (subject to limitations imposed by the Board) by an Executive Committee of the Board. Such Committee shall consist of the officers and the High School Activities Director (as a non-voting member).

    Removal – Any officer may be removed at any time by two-thirds vote of the Directors at any two consecutive Board meetings.

    Vacancy – Should a vacancy occur among the officers or directors, the Board shall appoint a member to fill such vacancy until the next annual meeting of the Club.

  • Article IX - Committees

    Standing Committees: Standing committees of the Club shall be:

    • Membership
    • Fund Raising
    • Publicity
    • Apparel

    The chairperson of each committee shall be appointed by the President. Each chairperson shall select committee members in any number of two or more.

    Special Committees. Special committees may be appointed at any time as deemed necessary by the President.

  • Article X - Fiscal and Legal

    Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Club shall be Annual meeting to Annual meeting.

    Bonds. Corporate fidelity bonds may be obtained at the expense of the Club in a form and amount approved by the Board indemnifying the Club against losses resulting from infidelity, defalcation or misrepresentation by officers or agents of funds, property or assets owned by or under the control of the Club.
    Bank Accounts and Depositories. The Board may from time to time as necessary, designate depositories for the funds, property and assets belonging to or under the control of the Club. Funds on deposit in banks may be withdrawn only by check upon the signature of the Treasurer or President, or such other officer or officers as shall be designated by the Board.

    Audit and Audit Reports. The Board shall at the beginning of each fiscal year, select an independent auditor or appoint an audit committee made up of members of the Club to examine the books and financial records of the Club for the ensuing year. After completing the examination, the auditor (or audit committee) shall submit the report to the Board, and a copy of thereafter as reasonably possible, and in any event to the next ensuing annual meeting.

  • Article XI - Seal

    The Corporation shall have no seal.

  • Article XII - Amendments

    These By-Laws, except Article III, Purposes and Powers, may be amended by the Board at any meeting of the Board by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present, or, if by a mail vote, by a two-thirds vote of the members voting.

    Amendments to these By-Laws, except Article III, Purposes and Powers, may be proposed by any member of the Club, and must be submitted to the President of the Club at least thirty days prior to a meeting of the Board.


    • Active Member-Individual or Business that meets the class of membership definition established by the Board of Directors.
    • Annual Meeting-The monthly meeting held in the month of May when officers for the next school year are elected and sports/activity Representatives are approved.
    • Board of Directors-The President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Representative from each of the sports/activities as mentioned on Article VIII.
    • Executive Committee-The President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the High School Activities Director (A Non-Voting Member).
    • Sports/Activities Representative-Person chosen by the coach(es) or Board of each sport/activity to represent their interests as outlined in Article VIII of these By-Laws.

Revised November 2001 – Previously revised in May 1995